How could it fall to Trump to tip the balance of the supreme court against abortion? Was it his strong sense of family values, developed some time between his three marriages and his several affairs with porn stars and Playboy models?

You can only assume that as the pro-life warrior he miraculously became, Trump had stern words for his friend Elliot Broidy, the former RNC deputy finance chairman…

At this point, Trump is fooling nobody about his true motives. He is as much the puppet of anti-abortion groups as he is the puppet of Vladimir Putin. His supposed moral strength is a masquerade hiding his amoral absence of character and values. He sold what little soul he has to a supposedly Christian movement that only cares about their generation-long campaign against women’s rights.

The only consistent part of Trump’s thinking is his disdain for women because, being a star, he naturally thinks he can “do anything” to them.