Let’s take his “relationships” with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping. What must they think?

My guess is that they are totally baffled. On the one hand, he meets Putin in Helsinki and Xi at Mar-a-Lago, strokes their egos in public, calls them “good guys” whom he respects, and tells the world that we can do business with them. Then he dramatically expands the defense budget (aimed at China and Russia), takes the advice of the command leadership to streamline military response and effectiveness, moves a good portion of the Pacific fleet to the coast of China and North Korea, and directly challenges China over the islands in the South China Sea.

He TWICE draws a red line on chemical weapons in Syria and enforces it (as opposed to his feckless predecessor) with cruise missile attacks, and then attacks and kills Syrian and Russian forces committing genocide. He provides lethal weapons to Ukraine to fight Russians, creates a better balance between the Shite and Sunni forces in the Middle East, re-strengthens our alliance with Israel, starts a mini trade skirmish with China to force a needed discussion on intellectual property theft that his predecessors were afraid to have, refocuses foreign policy on Asia and firms up the alliance with Japan.