Cabinet resignations and a World Cup loss; Brexit came in multiple forms this week. The resignations of Brexit Secretary David Davis and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson a few days ago are a troubling sign of things to come. These five facts explain how the political Brexit is shaping up to be so disastrous.

At heart of this political saga is the fact that the politicians leading the Brexit “Leave” campaign — Boris Johnson chief among them — never actually explained to the British public what a vote for “Leave” entailed. The promise of Brexit was all things to all people, which is how it managed to eke out a 52- to 48-percent victory over the “Remain” side. Then–U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron resigned in disgrace, and it fell to his successor Theresa May to figure out what Brexit actually means.

She’s been trying to do that for the last 15 months. In the context of unwinding a 40-plus-year relationship with continental Europe, that’s not that long; in the context of a two-year negotiating window before the U.K. is forced out with or without a transitional agreement in place, it’s verging on political suicide. May finally made a decision last week, outlining a vision for her preferred Brexit outcome. That’s where the latest round of Brexit drama began.