The venue was covered in “pro-life feminist” posters: One in the style of a nautical tattoo, but instead of a pin-up girl, it was a fully grown baby in a womb. Another was a collage of images, including several Mother Teresas and a floral-patterned uterus containing a small embryo surrounded by the words “freedom from violence, no matter where you live, is reproductive justice.” Next to that was a fetus in a Rosie The Riveter bandana saying, “Keep your philosophy off my biology,” alongside another fetus saying, “Feminism is inclusive, or it is worthless.”

In order for the anti-abortion movement to keep growing, Johnson says, it needs to take a page from “mainstream feminism” and “increase our inclusivity,” “put love first,” and, most importantly, “put women in charge.”

“A lot of the leading pro-life organizations in the movement are still led by men. … There’s little bit of patriarchy within the movement,” Johnson told BuzzFeed News outside the conference.

“Men don’t need to dominate this conversation because it is women who are being uniquely affected by abortion, not men. It is women who are laying their bodies on those tables to have abortions,” Johnson said. “I’ve heard enough from men on this issue. I’m ready to hear from women.”