Any hope that the initial over-the-top hysteria in reaction to the Trump presidency would subside and the country would return to normal is gone. This is not normal, and as long as Trump is in the White House, there will be no normal.

Whether you blame Trump or Democrats, whether you think the media and the Deep State are colluding to subvert the president, whether you love everything Trump has done or hate it, you have to recognize that the country can’t go on like this.

For Republicans, the consequence of a Trump re-election bid may be their destruction. The party is already in disarray over Trump. Too many GOP stalwarts have left the party, and too many others have had to swallow their pride and principles to show loyalty to a president who doesn’t share their values.

If Trump announced today he won’t run for a second term, Republicans would have a shot at getting more of their agenda passed, and also of keeping the White House and their congressional majorities.