The poll finds a slim majority (53%) of Republicans would like to see Roe v. Wade overturned, while large majorities of Democrats (81%) and independents (73%) would not. Similar shares of women (68%) and men (65%) want Roe v. Wade to stand, but among women of reproductive age, three-quarters (74%) want Roe v. Wade to stand.

The public overall is split on how easily they think women can access abortion services in their communities today – with major differences in perceptions by party. About a quarter (27%) say it is “too easy” for women to get these services, while one in five (22%) say it is “too difficult” and about a third (35%) say it is “about right.” Half (51%) of Republicans say it is too easy, while nearly four in 10 (37%) Democrats say “too difficult.”

In light of the attention generated by the #MeToo movement and 2018 primary victories by female candidates, the poll looks ahead to November’s midterm elections and examines the public’s and voters’ views on a broad range of issues affecting women, including sexual harassment, paid parental leave and reproductive health.