“Did you see that horrible story about the abused dog?” My better half poses that question (or one like it) at least once a week. My response is always, “no, I didn’t and please don’t tell me about it!” Then she tells me about it.

My job requires following about the news, but if pets, kids, or the elderly are harmed, I want to avoid it entirely. The political world has enough stories to anger me; I don’t need my rage further stoked by some jerk across town who’s whipping Fido with a stick.

That brings me to kids in cages.

For the past week-plus, social media has been awash with children of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers being wrenched from their parents and shipped to detention centers before getting a one-way ticket home. Images of sobbing toddlers, screaming parents, and kids in cages (some of whom were detained by Obama, but, no matter) are everywhere.