These aren’t fringe elements anymore, these are journalists and pundits in good standing on CNN and MSNBC spreading these lies. They are being parroted and acted up on by an angry mob simply waiting for a spark, or worse, an opportunity.

All the while, party leadership is silent. What 2 years ago would have rightly been condemned as unacceptable in a civil society has become the electoral strategy of the Democratic Party.

It’s been building to this for some time, the economy is booming at a pace liberals declared impossible and the unemployment rate is so low they can’t even claim to offer to create jobs because there are more available than we can fill. Democrats have nothing to sell the American people but being the alternative to what they declare evil. For that declaration to carry any emotional weight the hateful flames of their fringe have to be stoked to engulf enough people to motivate them to vote in November. The question is, will November come before the spark they’re building toward that ignites something awful?