At Fox News, Bill Shine ascended from Sean Hannity’s producer to Roger Ailes’s right hand because he was the ultimate Ailes loyalist and enforcer. Now he’s poised to play the same role for Trump’s decision to tap Shine as deputy chief of staff signals that the West Wing is entering a new era, one in which the last redoubts of internal rebellion are stamped out. “Shine is very tough,” a former Shine colleague told me. “You could pull a gun on him and he’d be like, ‘Son, put the gun away.’”

According to sources close to the White House, Trump wants Shine to plug the leak-prone communications shop and bring discipline to the White House’s daily messaging. “He’s a mechanics guy,” the source close to Shine said. “He can determine when the best day to announce something is to drive the news cycle; or when the White House is doing events how to get the best camera shots.”

At the urging of Hannity, Trump has been wooing Shine for months. Shine played hard to get, telling people his family wasn’t on board. One source who spoke with Shine said Shine’s wife Darla worried that the White House job would open the family to scrutiny. (She maintains a vocal pro-Trump twitter feed. A recent tweet: “My painter Sergio was just here. He is from El Salvador. I asked him what he thought about the border issue. He said ‘Trump is right, in my country they tell all the gang members and criminals to go to America.’”)