“Blue check” responders on Twitter, including and several media members, are condemning Sanders for naming the restaurant, even though the incident and the restaurant’s name were identified on social media hours earlier.

Others, including including former Hillary Clinton campaign spokesperson Jesse Ferguson, are comparing the incident to a Colorado baker’s refusal, affirmed as within the scope of First Amendment free-expression rights by a recent Supreme Court decision, to bake and design a custom cake for a same-sex wedding. But Sanders didn’t insist on being served, even though the Post reports that the kitchen staff were already busy preparing her party’s orders. She also hasn’t run and won’t be running to a “civil rights” commission demanding that the Red Hen be fined out of existence or shut down.

CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski — who, along with his network, was exposed for “doxxing” (i.e., exposing personal information about) private citizens who have supported Trump in some way — complained that conservatives who supposedly “celebrated” when a Virginia bakery refused to host a 2012 campaign stop by then-Vice President Joe Biden are being hypocritical by now supporting Sanders. How a refusal to throw your business’s support behind a candidate during a political campaign compares to refusing to serve a White House press secretary a meal during her off-hours is a complete mystery.