Yet it is jaw-dropping how quickly the right has weaponized the double standard to permit their side the same wrongs that have been inflicted on them. Seriously, are you really on board with telling socialists they can’t eat at your establishment, or buy your gift cards, or use your car wash? Would you rather not show them kindness and that you are not, in fact, a brainwashed bigoted monster incapable of hearing the other side or even being in the same room with them — which is how they very much would like to think of you?

Think this through. The left isn’t scared that conservatives will concede the rules of engagement. If they “roll over,” as the anti-SJWs would have it, fine by them. If they fight as the left does, then they’ve “lost the high ground” and their wholesome reputation, and they will be outnumbered and overrepresented in media, anyway. They will escalate and broaden the conflict, with the right merely lagging slightly their in-kind retaliations as they rationalize their behavior, until we really do find ourselves in a second Civil War.

And the devil would like nothing more than to see conservatives, especially Christian conservatives, lose all moral clarity in their desperation to MAGA.