Despite the obvious partisan gamesmanship going on, the reality is that Pete did nothing more than express his personal opinions in private conversations with a friend and colleague. And what his attackers fail to ever mention is that, among the many other texts, Pete criticizes a range of both Democratic and Republican figures, including Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Loretta Lynch.

The texts reveal that Pete is one of a rare, vanishing, breed: a centrist. In one text, Pete labels himself a “Conservative Dem;” in another he reports on someone guessing he was a vote for John Kasich, the Republican governor of Ohio.

But his accusers aren’t entirely wrong — bias does exist in one area. Pete is deeply and passionately biased toward American democracy and the need for it to be vigorously protected. The messages show that our national security is paramount in Pete Strzok’s mind, work and convictions. His texts are fiercely critical of foreign adversaries, such as Russia, and foreign rivals, such as China, and passionately protective of the United States. And they show his tremendous pride in having the opportunity to serve the country he loves, declaring in one: “I’m glad I’m on Team USA.”