Whatcott drove south to Calgary where he turned himself into the police last Friday. While he was in custody, he says, “It might have been on purpose, because it didn’t happen, like—some inmates did go half a day without food—but they actually made me go a full 24 hours” without eating.

Whatcott says he was also denied medical treatment during his stay. “I had a leg infection, and it was bad enough that I was brought to the hospital, but they simply refused to fill the prescriptions. So for four days I had no medications,” Whatcott stated Tuesday morning. “The infection was actually going up my leg. I was a little concerned it was gonna go systemic.”

Whatcott’s suspicions that he was singled out for rough treatment may have been unduly stoked by a Calgary police officer who Whatcott says took pains to inform his nurses that Whatcott was a dangerous “hate criminal” and that they ought to “be careful around [him].”