The notion that it’s men leering at these swimsuit-clad women is also suspect. The show’s ratings have been on a perpetual slide ever since they broadcast it on Sunday nights opposite an NFL game. Men are choosing football over looking at pretty ladies. It’s women who are still watching.

When the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs annually, it’s women who take to social media to judge the various looks, and bodies, on their screen. The idea that it’s men forcing women into some beauty ideal is ludicrous. No one is as hard on women as other women.

In a piece for MEL Magazine, an online magazine that “covers sex, relationships, health, money and culture from a male point of view,” Bridget Phetasy asked if men really care about whether their woman has a “stereotypical beach body.” The answer was of course they don’t. In the deluge of anonymous responses she received, few were the men who care whether their woman is carrying extra pounds.