Honestly, though, there’s no need to rush. The facts aren’t really a priority these days. When it comes to Robert Mueller’s investigation and the Stormy Daniels scandal, the loudest voices on both sides care only about whether something helps or hurts Trump.

Consider the question of whether or not the president should testify under oath in the Mueller probe. The standard answer from the pro-Trump caucus is that the president should not. Mueller is out to get Trump, the logic goes, and if Trump talked to Mueller, it would be a “perjury trap.”

In other words, no one disputes that if put under oath, the president couldn’t avoid lying, either because Mueller is an evil genius or because, well, that’s what the president does. As Giuliani told Stephanopoulos: “You couldn’t put a lawyer on this show, who wants to keep his law license, to tell you he should testify.”