Even if you agree with the progressive critique on these issues, the tactics of otherizing conservatives begins down a slippery slope. All movements need pushback to be held accountable, and removing conservatives from the public square would mean that progressives are effectively beyond reproach. The Right, with limited cultural capital, primarily uses political speech to impact society. Take that away, and at least 40 percent of the country becomes voiceless. This isn’t a recipe for social stability.

Some of progressives’ aims are laudable. Greater social inclusion, for instance, is a worthy goal, and it’s beyond debate that certain groups continue to be unjustly denied access to the full promise of America. But stigmatizing those with good-faith objections to how this is carried out will only perpetuate a cycle of grievance and disillusionment.

Politics is downstream of culture, and it always has been. I’d rather think about ways to change policy to help poor and working-class people through free markets and rebuilding community. But alas, I’ve become a reluctant culture warrior for the right to earn a living and have a place in society even for people who believe things that violate the beliefs of the new class. This is a fight we can’t afford to lose.