West is still more likely to be seen negatively than positively by members of both parties. But while Democrats are 55 percentage points more likely to view him unfavorably than they are to view him favorably, the gap among Republicans is just 9 points. That’s a new development. In a 2015 poll (yes, of course, there’s historical Kanye polling), his net negative among Democrats was 47 points, but among Republicans, it was a gaping 63 points.

Just under half of all those polled in the most recent survey were aware that West had tweeted positively about Trump. Republicans who’d heard that West praised the president hold an 18-point net favorable view of Kanye, compared to a 43-point net unfavorable view among those who hadn’t. Among Democrats who were aware, West’s ratings are a net negative 72, compared to a net negative 37 among those not following the story.