But the Deep State theory — which is what the president is tweeting about and many conservative pundits are indulging, if more cautiously — would need to go far beyond all that to maintain any kind of internal logic.

So when we talk about the Deep State, we are essentially talking about the Illuminati. Because if that’s not what we’re talking about, there’s no way the winking, knowing, saying-it-while-not-saying-it commentaries in defense of Trump can remain coherent.

On the face of it, the theory seems absurd. But there are plenty of other ways it’s implausible, such as how it boomeranged back on Hillary.

If the motive of the investigation was to cost Trump votes, then why was it kept a secret from voters until after the election? Why was Trump’s history of shady dealings ignored in favor of a convoluted tale of Russian collusion? And if the Obama administration was interested in “spying” on the Trump campaign, why did that effort appear to focus on a pair of peripheral foreign policy aides, and not the people handling his political strategy?