I have not always agreed with the decisions of the FBI, either as an assistant U.S. attorney or as a member of Congress, and nor would I expect to. But I have never questioned the integrity of the hard working men and women at the Bureau and for a simple reason; you have never given me cause to do so. The American people have entrusted the FBI with the tremendous task of enforcing the law, fairly and without favor. That trust has been well placed.

I can assure you that the vast majority of the American people share my high regard for the FBI, and so do my colleagues, Democrats and Republicans. While I wish that more of them felt free to say so, the FBI is widely respected on the Hill for its professionalism, talent, and integrity. Despite the static that you may hear from time to time, do not for a moment believe that it is otherwise.

In its current time of trial, the FBI is deeply fortunate to have someone of Christopher Wray’s fine character and caliber at its helm. History, and the American people, will remember and record the decisions we make when our institutions are tested. I have every confidence that the FBI will pass this test with flying colors, and continue to live up to the high ideals expressed in its creed—fidelity, bravery, and integrity.