JORGE RAMOS, HOST, AL PUNTO: You have challenged Senator Ted Cruz to six debates, two of them in Spanish. Senator Cruz, with a touch of humor, has said that it would be very boring because he doesn’t speak Spanish very well. But if you won’t be able to debate with Senator Cruz, my question is: Do you believe that Senator Ted Cruz has betrayed other Latinos…other Latinos like him?

U.S. REP. ROBERT “BETO” O’ROURKE (D-TX): First, I think that it is very important to listen to all the people in this state. We can’t serve or represent the people of Texas if we can’t listen in their language…in Spanish or in English. We are a state- we are a country of two languages. And we need to understand- it is important to also show the respect that each person deserves in this country.

RAMOS: The question is about Ted Cruz. Do you believe that Ted Cruz has betrayed Latinos?

O’ROURKE: For example, he wants to deport the Dreamers. He wants to build a wall that will cost $30 billion at a time when we have border security. I believe that he does not represent Latinos- the people of Texas.