But the threat to the foreign policy establishment posed by Trump went far deeper than Trump’s coarse disdain for the foreign policy elites and the allegiance many of those elites had for other candidates. In fact, the entire discipline of international affairs is predicated on the vital importance of scholasticism for the solution of real world problems in today’s byzantine, dangerous world. Trump’s presence on the world stage from the very beginning raised the specter that the entire turgid, stultifying discipline of international relations would be revealed as irrelevant, or worse, detrimental to common sense approaches to conflict.

And so, with the obvious caveat that full scale peace hasn’t broken out yet in Korea, suppose President Trump does indeed succeed in his face-to-face meeting with Kim in achieving a denuclearized Korean peninsula. How do the #NeverTrumpers—particularly these foreign policy experts—respond? Will we hear the sweet ringing of mea culpa ringing out of from the Harvard Kennedy School, George Washington University, or the Council on Foreign Relations?

The question itself is risible.