We’re calling for parents to keep their children home from school after the Labor Day holiday weekend to send the strongest possible message to lawmakers that enough is enough. We invite parents across America from cities, suburbs and rural areas to participate. And that includes parents who are responsible gun owners. We know you love your children as much as we love ours.

We know that having a child out of school, even for a few days, will be difficult for most Americans. But given the stakes of this struggle against gun violence, we think Americans will come together — as we always do in times of crisis — and find ways to make this work. Community groups, churches and local businesses could coordinate with retirees and non-working adults to set up activities for our kids during the days of the boycott.

We also know that this is a surprising — even counterintuitive — idea. But the old, familiar responses aren’t getting results. We’ve got to work together to shake things up.