Therefore, the award for the worst take on the Schneiderman scandal goes to anti-President Trump propagandist Matt McDermott, who tweeted Monday evening, “It took just three hours for Cuomo to call on Schneiderman to resign. Meanwhile, Eric Greitens faces two felony charges and accusations of rape yet remains the Governor of Missouri. Republicans refuse to call for his resignation.”

He added, “No, both parties are not the same.”

Except that Josh Hawley, Missouri’s attorney general and GOP candidate for Senate, has indeed called on Greitens to resign. Several Republican state lawmakers have also called for Greitens’ resignation. In fact, the GOP-controlled state legislature has moved to have Greitens impeached. Republican donors have also said the governor needs to go.

Despite having these details neatly laid out for him by far more honest social media users, McDermott stood fast by his original claim. After all, why let facts get in the way of a perfectly good viral tweet?