One of the key charges the president’s opponents make is the claim that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about on the Iran nuclear deal. Doesn’t he realize that it took years of painstaking negotiation by the world’s top foreign policy experts? And there he goes, bumbling around, slamming it as the worst deal ever, promising to rip it up. He doesn’t have a clue, the critics say. The Europeans will educate him, don’t worry.

Well – look what happened this week. Suddenly, you saw first President Macron and then Chancellor Merkel coming around to Donald Trump’s position, agreeing that the Iran deal can’t stand as it is.

Perhaps President Trump’s trade strategy – a tough stance against the European Union’s protectionism – might have helped. But the foreign policy establishment, of course, can’t possibly countenance such a possibility. Any deviation from their elitist orthodoxy is beyond the realm of reasonable opinion.