Ironically, I have had much more free time since getting rid of the device that was supposedly designed to save time. Ever wanted to learn a new language but simply could not find the time? Well, a flip-phone provides little to no distraction and endless opportunity to learn a new language.

In less than a year after the purchase, I became fluent in an ancient dead language. Like those who speak Gaelic, I am one of a handful in the entire world who is fluent in T-9. In just a few short weeks of practice, I returned to peak high school form. And “bilingual” looks great in the Special Skills section of my resume.

To be honest, I decided to get rid of my smartphone because I was addicted. I spent far more time scrolling through a Twitter feed than I did reading books or being productive. I paid more attention to my “friends” on Facebook than I did to the friends who were sitting right next to me. I couldn’t even watch “The Office” without needing to supplement my entertainment with social media. I was entertaining myself to death.