Love President Trump or hate him, we’re forced to pick a side. Neither his ardent supporters nor his most vehement detractors will countenance any middle ground.

Recently, conservative columnist Jonah Goldberg got into a Twitter scrap with Seb Gorka, a former Trump aide. The argument revolved around whether the left has moral standing to criticize Trump over Stormy Daniels.

Daniels says she had an affair with President Trump and was coerced into silence about it. To Goldberg, it’s irrelevant whether liberals also have morally corrupt people, like Bill Clinton, on their side. He said “Trump’s scummy behavior is not mitigated or in any way diminished because liberals who defended Clinton or Weinstein or X are hypocrites. I’m no liberal and I condemn both.”

But to Gorka, no real argument can take place with Goldberg because during the 2016 election Goldberg was in the conservative NeverTrump camp. “The NeverTrump thing is getting a tad dreary,” Gorka tweeted to Goldberg. “November 2016 happened. Get over yourself. Try to get back to the level of analysis you demonstrated before @realDonaldTrump ran. And won.”