With the revelation that Trump is not a target but a subject of Mueller’s investigation, the best advice Trump can take is to say less. He will be fine if he freezes the board and keeps everything exactly the way it is. Of course, Trump’s instincts and ego could tell him “I got this” and that he should talk to Mueller. But, as Christie made clear, an interview with the special counsel would be fraught with danger.

Some of Trump’s aides reportedly “fear Mueller could issue a blistering report about the president’s actions.” So what? Trump gets blistered in the media about something every couple of days. Does anyone really think the president would strengthen his position via an interview with Mueller? It is difficult to believe Mueller’s report would be any less blistering if Trump performs like Trump over a few hours on the record with the special counsel. More than anything else, it is likely the president would say the wrong thing or, quite possibly, something that just isn’t true. If that happens, the wheels could really come off.