The danger is the other side’s base is activated, but how will the Dems activate normal voters? Democrats may have to run on the platform of “Don’t believe your lying eyes about the economy getting better – instead, let’s spend 2019 impeaching Trump for cavorting with formerly hot women over a decade ago!”

Now, impeachment is a key issue the GOP can exploit because a big part of the idiot corps that buffoons like Ted Lieu and Maxine Waters cater to is going to demand impeachment. The fact that there is no crime is irrelevant. Mueller has nothing, as we all know, and Trump is already following the strategy of taking his case against this corrupt, conflicted deep state hack to the people. James Comey’s embarrassing self-immolation is also helping defuse this bogus crisis. That Looming Doofus, with his petty whining about his hurt feelz and his mean girl snippiness, has turned himself into a punchline. “Oh, well I never bothered to tell Trump that the pee pee dossier came from Hillary’s campaign because of, uh, er, integrity.”

The disgraceful violation of basic rights that was the Michael Cohen raid – hey, who needs due process or the attorney-client privilege when you’re #resisting? – showed the base what’s really going on. This is serious stuff – if these creeps retake power, what makes anyone think they will ever let it go again?