If so, we are deep in a devotional phase. Corbyn’s opinion on the divine is unrecorded, but the religious aspect to his support base is unmistakable. Not all Labour supporters fit the profile of the truest believers, but there is a phenomenal capacity among the hardcore for projecting absolute virtue on to the leader and unalloyed wickedness on to his detractors. The most common defence of Corbyn is that his critics are “smearing” him – a formula that rejects even the possibility that he is at fault. In this political cosmology, it makes no more sense to ask why someone might think Corbyn unsuitable to be prime minister than to ask why Darth Vader wants to control the galaxy. The Force has a dark side and a light side. That’s all you need to know.

Emphasis on motive is essential to the difference between religious and secular modes of politics. In the religious mode, purity of intent is much more important than outcome. For a hardcore of leavers – by no means all – the paramount virtue in Brexit is the raw will that it be done. Not only is it inappropriate to quibble about the consequences, but doing so is an act of bad faith. Questioning the method is indistinguishable from hostility to the goal of national liberation, which is tantamount to treason.