We now have at least two concrete examples, though, of Stone saying he had been in contact with Assange — both around the same time, and both shortly before the seemingly prescient Podesta tweet. For someone who says he did not meet with Assange, Stone sure spent a conspicuous amount of time saying he had met with Assange.

So let’s say for argument’s sake that Stone was working with Assange. If that is the case, how much might it implicate the Trump campaign or Trump himself? That is not clear, given that Stone was an informal outside adviser rather than a campaign aide. It is also unclear whether working with WikiLeaks would amount to collusion, given that its alliance with the Russians is somewhat murky (the intelligence community essentially regards it as a front for the Kremlin).

As recently as last week, Stone argued working with WikiLeaks would not be treasonous because it is not, in fact, aligned with Russia.