I’ll agree that some Trump critics on the Right have gone off the rails. The whole idea of NeverTrump, back in the day, was to reject the idea that all of politics boils down to a “binary choice” between Trump and Hillary Clinton, and that if we’re not for one of the two, we must be for the other. This argument was rolled out for the election season, where it had some element of short-term plausibility. Now it has become the permanent argument for Trump.

If you’re not enthusiastically boosting him, then you must love CNN, Elizabeth Warren, and the far left. The argument is absurd, yet a few prominent NeverTrumpers let this “binary choice” get inside their heads, so now they are for whatever Trump is against. That’s how you get Jennifer Rubin flip-flopping on every issue in order to stay on the opposite side from Trump, or William Kristol pining for a Michelle Obama presidency.

But that’s a very small and embarrassing sampling that leaves out—well, it leaves out a lot of people who write for Lowry’s own publication.