What they’re saying: Republicans know it’s not going to be an easy year for them, and some want more accomplishments to talk about.

“I think we need to do much more,” said Sen. Ted Cruz. “Democratic turnout is going to be very, very high. The good news is, [in] the states that are up in ’18, there are many more conservatives than there are liberals. If we turn conservatives out, we’ll have a very good election. If they stay home, it could be a terrible election.”

“I do think that…in talking with leadership, they understand and seem to agree that we can’t just talk about Neil Gorsuch and tax cuts from here to November,” Walker said.

“People want to know what you will do; they don’t want you constantly saying ‘You’re welcome’ for being functional long enough to pass tax reform. Especially when tax reform isn’t overwhelmingly popular,” a senior GOP House aide told me.