“Being funny is one thing,” noted CNN’s Chris Cillizza, the least funny man in the world. “Bullying people because you can is another. And Wolf’s treatment of Sanders was bullying.”

No. Opposite. Sanders earned that and every joke aimed at her last night. She’s an adult with a very important job. She can handle it. To treat her with kid gloves because she’s a wife and mother would be condescending and sexist. And all the sucking up from people who could stand to gain professionally from sucking up to her is a unique brand of Washington tiresome. (Furthermore, I’m sick of having everything that matters to me as a feminist ridiculed and discounted by centrists and conservatives who nonetheless expect people like me to defend conservative women when somebody makes a benign joke at their expense, but I digress).

No, we shouldn’t “unite” around Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ imaginary hurt feelings about her goddamn eye makeup. We should be cheering Michelle Wolf, because she perfectly eclipsed the speech Trump was giving at the same time. And unlike a Sarah Huckabee Sanders-helmed press conference, Wolf’s set at the Correspondents’ Dinner contained no lies.