The opinion pages of America’s august media outlets have long been where ideological wars are fought, and have been a battleground in the larger war over the liberal mainstream media. Conservatives are in the minority in the newsroom and on the opinion pages, but how much representation do they truly deserve?

Kevin Williamson was unceremoniously fired this week from his job at The Atlantic after just one published piece. It was a result of his having provocated multiple times that abortion was a crime, should be treated as such, and that the death penalty may be appropriate. (In his words, by hanging.) His specific language and status as a provocateur were well-known before The Atlantic made the hire, and perhaps they should not have. He is a provocateur! But in the wake of his hiring and the victory lap that some quarters of the Left are making after his firing, many argued that the mainstream media are already saturated with conservative voices and need no more.

This is an absurd notion.