I can’t imagine why anybody would want to live this way. There is nothing more creepily fideistic than the higher liberalism of Goldman Sachs and Refinery29 and #ImWithHer, in which an ad-hoc consensus about morality is assembled on the spot from Supreme Court decisions, “studies,” marketing clichés, and a bunch of gibberish from universities and insisted upon with grindingly mechanical absolutism until by some similarly anagogic process a newer iteration is produced. Who would want to wake up every morning wondering whether there is some new version of how you have to see the world waiting for you to adjust to? That’s what your phone is for.

It’s not just the ludicrous mutability of it all that strikes me as terrifying. It’s the voluntary gaslighting you are signing yourself up for. Assuming that your view is the right one and that no other opinion is correct — that’s what morality is, after all — is reasonable. It is another thing to insist that having somehow arrived at your current position, presumably via direct brain upload when you were 4 months old, it cannot be held by anyone who can be credibly shown not to have shared it at some hitherto undisclosed point.