Since relocating its corporate headquarters from nearby Palo Alto in 2011, Facebook’s main offices are located in Menlo Park. At night, calls to the business number for Menlo Park Police go to the 911 dispatch office — so anyone who looks up Facebook, finds out it’s in Menlo Park and wants to call the police there will reach the dispatch center.

Dispatchers say they haven’t noticed an uptick in calls since Facebook’s recent data scandals. “A lot of people call and say that my account has been hacked and want you to go and find who this person is that hacked my account,” Manning said.

This typical call gets the same general response from dispatchers: There’s nothing the local police can do about the private company. Manning and her team of dispatchers usually recommend that callers file a case with Facebook’s help center. She says she understands why people who call his dispatch center often feel desperate.