Hogg is irritating and sanctimonious in the way young people often are. Ingraham is ghastly by design as a market brand. But Ingraham is also a grown-up who should know better.

Yes, David Hogg is turning from a youth with a good cause to a media operator who is, apparently, trying out a possible career as a political gadfly before he’s even cast his first vote. He’s put himself in the public square as a brawler who can throw and take a punch. He’s savvy and getting savvier by the minute, especially in baiting a slew of commentators into treating him as an adult, which is exactly what he wants.

Except, of course, when he wants to be treated like a kid. He recently shared his rejections from a handful of prestigious schools, with the clear implication that these fine colleges are idiots for rejecting him. (CNN anchor Alyson Camerota indulged Hogg in this juvenile resentment by asking what kind of “dumbass” schools would reject him.)