This also requires the right use of imagery and pictures for television ads and staged events. That means knowing exactly who these voters are: They are disproportionally employed, married men with children at home. They are also mainly college educated and are the likeliest group to call themselves “upper class.” These are upscale suburban dads, not suburban moms.

These men see some things in Mr. Trump that they can respect. The George Washington Battleground Polls found the men thought Mr. Trump was a strong leader and overwhelmingly thought he said what he believed.

Reducing the infighting and lack of coordination between Congress and the president is also a must. When asked about the most important challenge facing America, they cited many common priorities: jobs, the economy and so forth. They also mentioned one unusual item: dysfunction in government. Every time it looks like the president, Congress or both can’t handle their jobs, it drives home the message that Republicans can’t do what many of these voters want most: make government work.