Dear God, how many sparking personalities can we tolerate in 2020?

Murphy never really explains why Trump should be primaried, aside from some mumbo-jumbo about Robert Mueller and Melania, and Republicans’ possibly losing control of Congress after November’s elections. Of course, the incumbent president’s party always loses seats in the subsequent congressional election; no one called for Obama to be primaried after losing more than 50 House seats in 2010. We know how his 2012 re-election campaign turned out.

But, hey, when you are still getting writing gigs and cable news hits after blowing a quarter of a billion dollars on two losing political campaigns, who needs details?

Plus, it’s weird that Murphy is boosting a 2020 primary fight against Trump. He told CNN’s Chris Cillizza in August that Trump won’t even be president in early 2019, because he’ll resign after losing the midterm elections: “Post-election Donald Trump will be alone, despised by his own party, a failure rebuked by the nation, and politically neutered even more than he is today. At that point, I think President Trump will pine for the Tower. A resignation is far from impossible, if for no other reason than nothing is impossible with Trump.”