Lanny Davis, a onetime lawyer for former president Bill Clinton, said Wednesday that Republicans are guilty of “utter hypocrisy” in their disparate treatment of sexual indiscretions by Trump and Clinton, who faced impeachment proceedings in 1998 in connection with his affair with a White House intern.

Davis noted that Clinton eventually apologized to the country and to his family, adding: “I have never seen Donald Trump come even close to doing that, nor do I believe there is even a remote possibility that he will ever do that.”

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.), who represents the hub of the porn industry, the San Fernando Valley, said so much of Trump’s personal life has already spilled into view that the Daniels story doesn’t seem to be breaking through.

“If this was any other political figure, they’d be writing their resignation speech now,” Sherman said. “But this is Donald Trump, and he is subject to a different set of rules.”