We live in a world where we are understandably so concerned with protecting anyone we see as a victim of some sort of horrible experience that those who receive such a shield are nearly impervious to any sort of criticism, whether it is legitimate or not. Usually, this “rule” is entirely well-intentioned and justified, while causing limited, if any, real restriction to the public discourse.

However, occasionally the lines get blurred enough so that some victims are granted the advantages of being protected, while accepting limited responsibilities for what they choose to do with the power which comes with their status. It appears that the case of Parkland massacre survivor David Hogg may be a perfect example of that type of situation.

Hogg, who was unfairly and stupidly smeared by “conservative” conspiracy nut jobs in the wake of the tragedy (a story even my wife fell for), has used his new-found celebrity to become a passionate voice for gun control. This is very much within his rights to do, but it seems that he has been allowed by the mainstream media to make this transition without having to give up anything in return. That is, at best, problematic.