Lawrence Curran was arrested and charged with felony strangulation and misdemeanor assault in Arlington, Va., after a July 2016 episode that left his wife with two broken ribs and substantial bruising around her neck and chest, according to court documents and a medical report from her treatment at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital.

Curran pleaded no contest to the misdemeanor charge and was sentenced to 12 months in jail with nine months suspended; the felony charge was dropped. He served a total of roughly 45 days in jail, remains under a five-year restraining order, and is barred from entering the Coast Guard base in Alameda, Calif., where his now ex-wife is stationed.

Curran, 35, has worked as “section chief” on the DHS secretary’s briefing staff since 2015, according to his LinkedIn profile as it appeared Wednesday morning. In a court filing after his 2016 arrest, he said he held a top-secret security clearance and described himself as a “member of the senior briefing party” at DHS.