It is time to stop being a Russiagate skeptic. We just know too much.

Earlier this week, the editor of this magazine, Blake Hounshell, laid out the case for skepticism, centering on President Donald Trump’s incompetence and the apparent lack of a smoking gun. He argues that the Trump campaign—run by a first-time politician with no filter, aided by a bumbling staff of amateurs who leaked like sieves—was simply too incompetent to have colluded with Russia and kept it a secret. Hence, we would have the smoking gun by now if there was one.

None of his arguments withstands a skeptical eye. Instead, they require disassembling, isolating and explaining away an array of damning information.

The first claim is that Trump is too undisciplined to hide this caper.

The Trump campaign was certainly a chaotic and leaky affair, but when something damaging needed to be kept quiet they certainly knew how to cover it up and keep quiet—at least, temporarily. If anything, they have a lot of practice in coping with scandal.