Then Farrow brought up a new statutory rape claim, informing the audience that McGowan has also told him that she was assaulted by a “prominent” man in Hollywood long before Weinstein and when she was 15. Farrow says he knows the man’s identity and asked McGowan if she was ready to come forward.

“In general? Sure,” she said. “Right now at this moment? I’ve had a big day.”

Adding that it’s a “timing thing” in regards to being ready to identity the “very famous” man, McGowan explained that she actually hadn’t realized that she had been molested until two weeks after Farrow’s story first broke about Weinstein.

“This man picked me up when I was 15 years old,” she said. “He took me home after he met me and he showed me a soft porn movie he had made for Showtime, under a different name. And then he had sex with me.”