Why was the course cancelled? Rosen’s email to students didn’t give specifics, other than that his decision had been “reluctant.” Calls and emails to Rosen went unreturned. Michael Hotchkiss of Princeton’s Office of Communications told THE WEEKLY STANDARD that the course’s cancelling “was Professor Rosen’s decision, and there was no pressure from the University.”

One student in the class tells TWS that he believes the course’s cancelling may have had something to do with an interaction that happened “about halfway through the first seminar.” A male student of color stood up, inches from professor Rosen’s face and shouted “FUCK YOU,” this witness claimed. Just before that, a female student of color had shouted at Rosen, as the first was approaching, “do you feel safe right now.” “There was no physical contact,” this witness claims, though at the time the student feared there might be. During that class, “nobody except Rosen defended Rosen,” the student told me. Another student in the class confirmed this account to TWS.