“Let’s say Donald Trump produces a memo that says Hillary Clinton had hookers in her room in a Ritz-Carlton hotel in Moscow urinating on her bed,” Hannity exclaimed. “Now, if that was in there, and it was not true, and then it ends up being the basis in part for a FISA warrant against her by used by Trump, you would be pretty pissed off and the media would be apoplectic tonight, true or false?”

After Tarlov said she would be angry, she then expressed some excitement that she could talk about the Pee Tape on television. This led fellow panelist Jesse Watters to interject and explain how he knew the rumored kompromat didn’t exist.

“You know it’s not true because if someone pees in the bed, where are you going to sleep? Where are you going to sleep?” Watters declared. “It’s obviously not true, that doesn’t make any sense.”