Failing to get traction on their Russia “collusion” front, Sen. Mark Warner and other top Democratic inquisitors now suggest President Trump is obstructing justice by forcing a shake-up at FBI headquarters. But FBI sources tell me the pressure to clean house is also coming from inside the bureau, and it’s based on real concerns over malfeasance by top brass there.

In a healthy sign, new FBI Director Christopher Wray is slowly but surely sweeping partisan operatives out of the bureau’s executive suites all on his own. On the job just a few months, Wray told Congress in December he wanted to wait and see the evidence before taking any action against high-level investigators accused of bias and misconduct. Over the weekend, he saw some of that evidence, and it convinced him to remove his own deputy, Andrew McCabe.

“Wray is a smart, experienced attorney,” former assistant FBI Director Ron Hosko told me. “He’s not gonna fold to BS pressure with no facts, so he saw something solid, something from the agency’s inspector general, who has been investigating political conflicts and irregularities involving McCabe for more than a year.