“It is infuriating,” said Tim Miller, a former RNC official and Jeb Bush campaign communications director who has routinely called out Trump. “I legitimately do not understand why we, the Republicans, could not pass tax reform without pathetic obsequiousness to Donald Trump… It is not as if Trump’s arm twisting of Senator Crapo is what got us across the finish line.”

Miller wasn’t quite done.

“There is this theory based in nothing that you need to massage Trump’s ego and be nice to him in order to get things done on the Hill… I honestly don’t see why they couldn’t have passed tax reform in the midst of impeachment hearings. I’m not advocating impeachment. But I don’t get why these two things couldn’t happen simultaneously,” he added. “It seems weird but is it any weirder than The Apprentice guy being the president? You’re laughing”… [we were]… “but I’m serious.”