Tens of thousands of people declared their intention over the holiday weekend to take to the streets if President Donald Trump fires Special Counsel Robert Mueller, bringing to more than 170,000 the number of Americans planning a “rapid response” to the potential constitutional crisis.

The president has said he has no plans to fire the man investigating his campaign for possible collusion with the Russians, but he has also called the probe a “witch hunt.” Other Republicans have sought to curtail the probe or even said a former member of Mueller’s team should be in “handcuffs”—recent developments that have spurred more than 700 planned demonstrations in all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and even Denmark.

“We can’t just wait for the next crisis,” said Justin Krebs, campaign director at MoveOn.org, which is helping lead the organizing of the events. “We have to work to prevent it and we have to be prepared if it happens.”