A good economy. A major tax bill. Gorsuch and a slew of other judges. If you can put aside what a creep Trump is, it hasn’t been a bad year from a conservative point of view.

In terms of the metrics, this first year of Donald Trump’s presidency has been relatively safe, healthy, and prosperous. The economy is booming. Trump has not gotten us bogged down in any quagmires or misadventures. The North Koreans haven’t “nuked” us—nor has Trump pushed the “button.”

Yet, nobody feels particularly happy about it.

But why? This foreboding sense of anomie and malaise predates Trump, but he is certainly a contributing factor. For almost a full year now, we have been governed by a president who alienates allies, stirs up racial animus and stokes chaos, and is embroiled in a Russia investigation. This takes a toll.